Our Cricket Bat range have been carefully chosen from the brands you know and can trust and are sold by our expert staff. Offering a wide range of services including bat repairs and refurbishments plus the all important ""knocking in" service. Whether you are a Junior, Adult novice or an experienced player we have everything you need to meet your cricketing needs, keeping you safe,Looking the part all while you improve your game.
       Our Senior Bats are sold in weight categories (Ibs and Ounces) unless otherwise stated.
                                                    Light             2lb 7oz   -   2lb 8½oz
                                                    Medium        2lb 9oz    -   2lb 10½oz
                                                    Heavy           2lb 11oz  -   2lb 12½oz
                                                    V.Heavy        2lb 13oz  -   3lb + 
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Keeley Worx Grade 1 Adult
Keeley Worx Grade 1 Junior
Keeley Worx Grade 2 Adult
Keeley Worx Grade 2 Junior
Keeley Worx Grade 3 Adult
New Balance DC880 SH Bat
New Balance Heritage Bat
New Balance TC1060 SH Bat
New Balance TC660  Bat
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